About Our Team

8 ETH Students, 2 ZHdK Designers


Carlos Gomes

Communication, Finance, Seat, Production He is one of the core team. His task is to coordinate everything in the team and relation with others like production partners, sponsors and coaches. He is responsible for the seat along with Thomas. The goal is to make it as light and comfortable as possible. He is also the one who reads the mails you send with the contact form :)


Roman Käslin

System Engineering, Documentation Roman is responsible for the system engineering part of the project, this means he coordinates the intersections between sub-systems and makes sure that the defined requirements are met. He also coordinates the time schedule and the documentation.
Besides the project he studies Mechanical Engineering in the third year at the ETH Zurich.

Jonas Kühne

Electronics He is in charge of the electronical part of the system. His task is to establish connections and communication between all electronic components as well as to optimize power consumption to increase the battery lifetime. Furthermore he is developing a control panel that is user friendly and ergonomic. Jonas is currently studying Electrical Engineering in the third year at ETH Zurich.


Dario Mariani

Balancing system, Testing His job is to coordinate the testing and assess the risks involved in the project. He is also in charge of constructing the balancing system and assists in the construction teams of all the other assembly groups. Dario is studying mechanical Engineering in the third year at the ETH Zurich. In his spare time he likes to do sports (such as unihockey or jogging) and play video games.


Milan Schilling

Track System Milan is responsible for the rubber track system, which enables the wheelchair to climb and descend stairs. The tasks of this team are to define and assemble the tracks, the attachment of the tracks and its tilt mechanism, in order to fit underneath the seat and satisfy the weight requirements.
Other than that, Milan is engaged to the software team and the electronics team.

Ian Stähli

Control system His task is to make the control system as reliable as possible. To achieve this an appropriate system model is crucial as well as a solid knowledge of control systems. Ian is currently studying Mechanical Engineering in the third year and expects to gain practical as well as theoretical experience in mechatronics with this project.


Miro Voellmy

Frame, Support system Miros responsibilities cover the construction of the main frame of the wheelchair as well as the support system, which is used to climb stairs and stabilize the wheelchair if it isn’t balancing. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering in his third year at the ETH Zurich.


Bernhard Winter

Software He is the initiator of the project and is responsible for the software. This means developing the user interface and setting up communication between the motor controllers and sensors. He is also part of the control team whose task is to stabilize the wheelchair on two wheels.


Thomas Gemperle

Industrial Designer His job is it to create, together with Naomi, the whole design of the wheelchair. Including aspects of ergonomy, usability and additional tools as well. Additional to the concept drafts,he works on the the technical design with its CAD drafts.


Naomi Stieger

Industrial Designer Also responsible for the product design with its concept drafts and the product development. Additional she’s in charge of the Corporate Design. Together with Thomas, the Industrial Designers will create a very effective wheelchair within all design details.


Daniel Lehmann

Herbert Pauser

Dr. Lennon Rodgers


Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart

Head of ASL Institut

Dr. Roland Haas

Coordinator of Focus Project