Rollout Video

This is the first test with a disabled person. The speed is limited by software for safety reasons. The transitions were done manually but they are currently beeing automated.

Track Prototype

We got temporary motors from Maxon to build this prototype. It is able to climb stairs with a payload of 160kg easily. The finial motors will be much faster and output the same torque.


Cardboard Model Timelapse

To see how our chair will look like in the end and how each component can be placed we’ve built a model in 1:1 ratio. It helped a lot to discuss problems and critical areas and it gave us a good idea how our final product will look like.

SRF1 – Einstein 21.5.201

Scalevo in the show “Einstein” of the swiss national TV.

Balancing Prototype

We built a prototype to test our sensors, the chain tensioning effect on contol systems and the controlling of our motors in realtime. The frame of this model is made out of wooden plates which we cut our using a 2D laser-cutter.