Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can it go down the stairs?

A: Yes, of course! The same way as up but in the inverse order.


Q: Where can I buy the Scalevo wheelchair and how much does it cost?

A: It is currently not a product for sale. The wheelchair was started as a student project in the last year of the bachelor. Our main goal was to get insight into the creation of a prototype and to apply the theory learned in previous years. With this prototype we then want to compete at the international Cybathlon Challenge in 2016.


Q: I really want this wheelchair. Is there no chance to buy it?

A: We got great feedback and for many people this product could change their life. Right now we want to win at the Cybathlon in the cathegory powered wheelchair. After that we will bring it into the market. Therefore we have to simplify the system to make it more robust, safer and easier to manufacture. For that we will have to look for investors :) .


Q: What is the maximal driving speed?

A: On the ground about 10 km/h and on the stairs at 1 step/s. This velocity is four times faster than the one shown in the rollout video.


Q: What kind of stairs can it drive on?

A: Staircases with a slope from 17° to 34°. It is also able to drive on spiral staircases.


Q:  How big is the wheechair?

A: It is 65cm wide and 105cm long with a total weight of 101kg.

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