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Hi, we are a team of 10 students studying Mechanical- and Electrical Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich or Industrial Design at Zurich University of the Arts.


Our goal is to build an electric wheelchair which is able to climb stairs. Moving on the ground is accomplished with a Segway-like system by balancing on the two main wheels. The stairs are climbed using two rubber tracks mounted on the bottom of the chair. Our system is designed to compete at the cybathlon championship 2016.

We are supported by the Autonomous Systems Lab and by our Sponsors.



Safely driving on stairs due to tracks with an optimized tread


Driving pleasure and agility on flat ground through two balancing wheels

Suitable for everyday use

Forward driving over obstacles with the aid of the support system


Park position with big footprint provided through the tracks and the support system


Because the Focus Projects have a very limited budget we are deeply grateful for the support from outside. With the help from many different companies we can do a good product. Those companies provide us capital, rabates, production and advice throughout the project. Are you interested in working with us? Contact us!


Platinum Sponsors


EKZ Logo


Supports us financially.


Supports us with connection solutions and high quality bolts and nuts. We are also very grateful for their financial support.

Phoenix Mecano

Providing us custom aliuminium profile solutions, electro-cylinders and housings for our electronics.

Gold Sponsors


Supports us with waterjet and metal manufacturing.


Maxon Motor

Supports us with custom motor and gear combinations and controllers.

Hempel Metals

Offers high-performance materials and financial support.


Sponsors the rotary laser sensors.


Supports us financially and with a custom clutch solution.

Alphacam and 3D-Prototyp

Support us with additive manufacturing material and technology.

Klein Computer AG

Sponsors us two high-end CAD workstations to speed up our daily work.

Silver Sponsors

Acessory Xperts

Sponsors the balancing wheels.

Industrielle Berufslehren Schweiz

Libs educates young people during their apprenticeship.
Assists us with a controller and technical support.

National Instruments

Assists us with a controller and technical support.


Provides us with a custom LiPo power solution.


Embedded Computer to control the wheelchair

Sunrise Medical

Supported us with a comfortable seating solution.


Provides all sorts of aluminum profiles


Supports us with custom manufactured parts



We would also like to thank the following supporters: